Performance Rights

Is your performing group:

Purchase of material does not automatically authorize public performance except for ensembles that meet the following criteria:

  • An amateur (non-profit) ensemble?
  • A school ensemble (including grades K-12 and accredited four-year institutions of higher learning)?
  • A community ensemble (non-profit, non-professional)?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the above questions, you do not need to purchase a performance license. However, please advise us by e-mail of the dates and locations of the performance(s).

Recording Rights:

Any ensemble that is not required to purchase a performance license is entitled to record rehearsals and/or performances and/or recording sessions. The following limitations apply:

  • Recordings that remain in-house (such as a music library) are authorized as long as we are notified by e-mail of the date(s) and location of the stored material.
  • Sales of recordings, whether electronic or on media, must be pre-approved. Please send an e-mail for permission.
  • Permission must be in writing with an original, wet-ink signature.

All recordings may also require clearance through the local musicians union. It is the responsibility of the ensemble to verify and meet this requirement.

Performance and Recording Licenses:

All professional ensembles and ensembles that do not meet the criteria above must apply for a performance license. You must e-mail us with the following details:

  • Performance Date(s) or Recording Date(s)
  • Expected attendance
  • Number of recordings expected to be sold
  • Location that the recordings will be sold (must be within the performance venue or by membership subscription)

Recording companies must contact us directly by e-mail if any material will be distributed through a major record label.

All items in the catalog are copyright with all rights reserved.

Address all inquiries to